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Welcome to the new OutbackArt blog

By February 12, 2009Art talk

Hi and welcome to my new blogsite.

I thought I’d better join the information technology super highway and contribute some of my rambling dribble to add to the billions and billions of words, pictures, videos, blogs, twitters and voluminous crap already floating in cyber space!

I have my ‘Learner plates’ firmly attached, so please bear with me whilst I sort out this whole new blog animal.

I’ve set up some pages now, with a cv, some info on me and a section on some of my techiques. I will endeavor to add some info soon about new paintings and some info about the process and ideas behind them.

Please feel free to comment and add feedback and also visit my main websites OutbackArt and AridzoneArt Here you will find a huge selection of past and recent paintings and you can purchase a selection of ltd edition prints online.