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22x40 inches acrylic on Belgian linen. AUD$4500 email us.

22×40 inches acrylic on Belgian linen.


New work, October 2013 ‘Bang!’

This is a bit of a departure from the norm for me (whatever normal is!)

The seductive figure is painted over an experimental landscape of

random chaotic expressionism (paint splats)  and holds a loaded weapon!



‘Pelagic Anthropomorphosis’ new work, September 2013

Pelagic: living at or near the surface of the open seas.

Anthropomorphosis: the process of changing into a human form

Anthro (human)  morphosis (Greek) the process of forming

My favourite part of this painting…believe it or not…. is the wave just to the left of her

hand. I think I rendered it quite well! Based on the seascapes of Mooloolaba on

the Sunshine Coast.  Available

New painting September 20112  ‘Guns & Roses’  18 x 30 inches acrylic on canvas.  SOLD



This is ‘CockaThree’  from my new ‘Twitter’ series of paintings.  Inspired by the neural networking madness of the likes of twitter, facebook, myspace and everything in between. Creating a whole new generation of chronically addicted social dribblers, intent on sharing their mundane day to day frivolity (self included in posting this!)  These new forms of communication,  just had to be incorporated into my artwork. The ‘mechanical Cockatoos’ were instigated by a request for a commission from one of my clients, which led to three paintings being produced.

‘Cockathree’  12×12 inches acrylic on linen

‘Downloading critical updates’ 12×12 inches acrylic on linen

This is a new work added today.  The title is “Climate change idyll”, 22 x 40 inches acrylic on Belgian linen.

This is a continuation of my ‘industrial nude theme’ with elements of the ‘Asian kitsch’ paintings I have been doing recently. The seductive metallic nude is posed against an industrial back drop, of rusted decaying steel and rivets. The warning signs are there, but no one seems to notice! The portals seem to point to blue skies and chilly ice but somehow this is surreptitious against the ominously placed gas mask on her face!


What’s your thoughts on this work?