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Welcome to OutbackArt

Welcome to OutbackArt

The paintings of Australian surrealist Shane Gehlert

      Please browse the galleries of paintings, check out the new and available works

    Also have a look at the huge assortment of beautifully reproduced Giclee prints

    signed and numbered by the artist.

the paintings of surrealist artist Shane Gehlert

the art of surrealist artist Shane Gehlert

Browse the galleries of this truly unique artist. Be sure to check out the Bilbies, Twitter birds and the Cybernetic Australian Marsupials! Add your comments and likes/ dislikes....if you like!

The apparition of St Bilby, the art of Shane Gehlert

Purchase original paintings or high quality Ltd edition giclee prints on canvas. Deal directly with the artist andshare your thoughts and ideas. You can download our Giclee print catalogue here.

The artwork of surrealist artist Shane Gehlert

Don't be a rabbit! join in on Shane's online blog and discussion. Share your views on painting, drawing, photography, heck anything arty! Just don't include religion or politics!